Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Insomniacs for Obama and McCain

So now we know what insomniacs in New Hampshire do: They vote. Too bad they don't hold to Chicago's voting mantra of "Vote early, vote often." But they do have the "early" down.

And we know for whom they vote: Democrats vote for Barack Obama and Republicans vote for John McCain. This might be a case where "the very young meet the very old." Young folks stay up late. Obama voters hadn't gone home yet. They just left the bars and parties.

McCain voters, on the other hand, couldn't sleep. Or they'd been sleeping since 2pm. No matter.

I say this all in jest. I have no idea what people were thinking nor who voted for whom. But it's clear that the early votes went to Obama and McCain.

If the early results hold, we could have a very interesting presidential race between (I think -- I haven't checked my facts here) the youngest and the oldest nominees, perhaps ever. The hilarious quips will be noteworthy. Get your TiVo ready!


Libertine said...

Obama is one of the younger ones, but JFK was younger when he ran and Teddy Roosevelt was younger still when McKinley's assassination put him in the White House.

billspaced said...

Thanks for the information! Please come back and contribute.