Monday, January 14, 2008

Race tensions mounting between Clinton and Obama

The Democratic race is starting to pivot on, well, RACE. It's sad that we still talk about this crap, but we do. As long as somebody brings it up, it must be addressed I suppose.

Clinton seemed to give a little attribution to LBJ in "ending" the civil rights issues we had (have), somewhat diminishing MLK's contributions to it all.

Obama disagreed.

Now Clinton is backpedaling. I'm glad Obama's taking the high road. Clinton is a ruthless person and this is one reason people hate her so. She needs to talk about herself rather than bashing others. Just look at her version of leadership: Climbing up and over people rather than giving them a hand up.

Obama probably won't win. He's not the Establishment. Hillary is. Or at least that's the perception. Plus, she's got BIG MONEY in her back pocket. She's a Washington DC as they get.

But he's bringing some new eyes and new perspective to this thing we call a presidential race. I hope it's the beginning of something really revolutionary. We need that.

Clinton, Obama clash over race issue - Yahoo! News


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