Thursday, January 03, 2008

Two things: Tiger attack and the Writers' Guild strike

I want to dive into both of these topics more in-depth, but I wanted to whet your appetite for two future posts that I plan on making in the near-future.

The first is the recent, Christmas Day tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo. Things that come immediately to mind are: What precipitated the attack, how did it happen, who's at fault, and how much money is Mark Geragos going to make off this?

The second is the Writers' Guild strike. Possible points of interest are how long will it take, what are the writers demanding, will the networks and studios cave, what's at stake, how will it influence you. Finally, I'd like to talk some economics; specifically, the substitution effect. What other entertainment choices are out there, will television go by the wayside, if so, who/what will take its place.

One last thing: Compare this strike to the MLB strike a few years ago. Is it similar, different, and how so?

In between now and when I write about these two topics, I'll post some quick news pieces on the typical stuff: Politics, humor, strange, and noteworthy.

Stay tuned.