Friday, January 04, 2008

Self Promotion: rssHugger Review

Caution: This is a little bit of self-promotion. I want to reach as many viewers as possible and in order to do so, there are many tools on the web that claim to help in this regard, one of which is rssHugger.

So, I'm giving it a try. In return for a page on rssHugger, all one has to do is write a review of rssHugger. Admittedly, this is a little "putting the cart before the horse." In order to review something, doesn't one have to experience it first?

To a degree, I have experienced rssHugger. Not necessarily any success, but I can say that the concept is good, their web page is clean, beautiful, and simple to navigate.

Additionally, there are bloggers that swear by the concept, so I'm going to place a little faith in them to direct more readers to this blog.

As I said before, my objective is gaining more readers. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sorry for the intrusion. As they say in showbiz: Back to our regular programming.

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americahugs said...

Could you let us know how it RSShugger works out?