Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Don and Doff" Pay

Did you know that some police officers get paid to get dressed for their jobs (they also get paid to get undressed, presumably to go home). It's known as "donning and doffing" and some police officers are suing their employers for back pay because they weren't paid to put on and take off their uniforms.

I'm all for police officers getting paid for the risks they take. In fact, I think they ought to be paid some of the highest salaries of any profession. But not for putting on their uniforms. That's just downright silly.

But what's the risk in putting on clothing? The real risk is in not putting the protective gear and uniforms on. I'd say the police are being a little ridiculous in this, if it weren't for our favorite court, the US Supreme Court. They, of course, have ruled that people who work in poultry plants who have to put on safety gear must be paid for doing so. So some enterprising attorney has concocted a scheme in San Diego to get his clients a whole lot of back pay. You know who wins in these cases? Right, NOT the plaintiffs. It's always the scum-sucking lawyers.