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Rants -- April 13, 2008

RantsWelcome to the April 13, 2008 edition of Rants. Something got all FUBARed with this carnival; Blog Carnival thinks it's the 4/20 edition and keeps adding submissions. So, I'm closing out the 4/20 edition, calling it the 4/13 edition.

The next Rants blog carnival, consequently, will run on April 27. Mark your calendars.

Holly Ord
presents Bleach, Mountain Dew and Marijuana are Not Contraceptives posted at Menstrual Poetry.

The Posthumous Luger
presents Geoengineering Project: Day 1. UPDATE — Helioengineering! posted at THE POSTHUMOUS LUGER, saying, "I rant about the bizarre scientific movement of "Geoengineering" -- the idea that Global Warming requires "bold", expensive scientific solutions."

The Posthumous Luger
presents Geoengineering Project, Day 2: Atmocean posted at THE POSTHUMOUS LUGER, saying, "Part 2 in my look at the nutty world of Geoengineering."

The Posthumous Luger
presents Geoengineering Project, Day 3: $5,000,000,000,000 x Infinity Space Umbrella! posted at THE POSTHUMOUS LUGER, saying, "More Geoengineering -- this time, I rant about the most expensive project ever conceived."

nichole halsey
presents Bon Appetit v. Bonne Chance posted at Bad Human! Don't take chemicals from strangers!.

Madeleine Begun Kane
presents Ode To Randi "Queen of Obscene" Rhodes posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

Charles H. Green
presents Ode to Distrust posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Forget trust, it's distrust that makes the world go-round. When you're boss says "first I'd like to say how good a job you did with the Christmas party" don't your hackles go up? And aren't you right not to trust him?"

presents Obama, Clinton and Web 2.0 posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act.

Archvillain presents The 75-Year Party posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "Prohibition, privacy, and Puritans, oh my!"

Holly Ord
presents A Long Day Can Be Used as an Excuse for Calling Your Wife a Cunt posted at Menstrual Poetry.

Mike Billy
presents I Want Indentured Servants posted at Reflections From A Rotting Nation, saying, "Keep in mind -- though I hopefully made it clear in my writing style -- that the article is tongue-in-cheek."

Nick Pernisco
presents A glass ceiling for women? posted at Understand Media Blog.

presents The Smokescreen Of Atheism posted at Atheist Revolution.

Sammy Benoit
presents Hi My Name is Sammy and I'm An Islamophobe posted at YID With LID.

Sammy Benoit
presents Nancy Pelosi "The People Be Dammed !!" posted at YID With LID.

Sammy Benoit
presents Obama To Small Town America---YOU SUCK !!! posted at YID With LID.

Sammy Benoit
presents Take Away Carter's Secret Service Detail !!! posted at YID With LID.

presents Why the Industry is Dead. posted at That Nigga's Crazy!!!, saying, "The blog is a rant about the music industry's demise"

Charles H. Green
presents Bizarro Customer Service: The Anti Nordstrom posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Customer service so bad, it might be the world's worst."

Life. Money. Development.
presents The 7 Attributes of Leadership posted at Life. Money. Development., saying, "An excellent presentation of the attributes every leader should have."

Tom Snyder
presents Media Matters: The Ice Age is Coming posted at Media Matters.

Holly Ord
presents Sex Criminal Fashions posted at Menstrual Poetry.

presents "Don and Doff" Pay posted at Rants 'n Reviews: Observations from a real conservative OR Rubbing slightly more salt into the wound, saying, "Police get paid to put on uniform. What about garbage collectors, postal workers, and Ronald McDonald?"

Ron Hosea
presents CHA-CHING posted at That's the way Ron sees it.

Ryan Ambrose
presents McCain is All Our Fault posted at, saying, "Rubbing slightly more salt into the wound regarding the McCain nomination and those who defend him. Today, it's about the 'It's all our fault' guilt trip to get him elected."

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