Monday, July 30, 2007

Al Gore's son, Al Gore III, pleads guilty to drug possession

Gore III pleads guilty to drug possession - Politics -

Several funny things about this story:
  1. His name is Al Gore III. You mean there have been 2 others?
  2. There could possibly be more than 3 if this guy procreates.
  3. He was caught speeding. Doesn't he know that's not green?
  4. a Prius. Okay, green label re-affixed.
  5. A politician's son taking drugs? I can't believe it! Not since George HW Bush's son took drugs did a president's son get accused of such tawdry escapades.
  6. He's an associate publisher of GOOD. What's GOOD about him?
The dude's been arrested before for drug possession. If I were his dad, I'd tell my son an inconvenient truth: You keep doing this and I don't bail you out and you spend 20 years in a Texas prison with a cell mate named Bubba (and not my ex-boss, Bubba. A big muscular dude named Bubba who hasn't had sex in a year).

Global warming will be the least of this jackass' problems.