Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smackdown: US Constitution

House inches toward constitutional showdown with contempt vote -

The thing "conservatives" and Repugnicans love to stand behind is the US Constitution. "Our founding fathers...blah blah blah." If they love it so much, why do they cheat on it all the time? Is it unfaithful to them, too? Why do they shun it so?
If the full House approves the contempt citations, the Justice Department -- which is at the center of the controversy -- will make the decision about whether to pursue the citations, Snow said. The U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia would have to present the citations to a federal judge in District Court.

However, the Justice Department on Monday sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee saying that it will not present the citations to the court even if the House votes for them.

Brian A. Benczkowski, principal deputy assistant attorney general, said the department's position was "that the criminal contempt of Congress statute does not apply to the president or presidential subordinates who assert executive privilege."
So now BushCo is not only claiming that the president can assert executive privilege, but his subordinates can, too! So now you get some mail clerk of Bush or Cheney who can assert "privilege" because the president said so.

What a farce Bush and his cronies are making of our Constitution!