Monday, July 23, 2007

Bill Kristol's Outlook piece on BushCo's success got rave reviews

Howard Kurtz - Bill Kristol, Highly Recommended -

...from at least one fan, President George Bush.

So I thought Curious George didn't read newspapers. I thought I heard him say that...but apparently, he reads journalistic hacks like Kristol (you ever notice these guys have "K"s where "C"s belong, like Karl "Marx" Rove?)

So George Bush reads. We can all sleep peacefully at night, knowing that he won't let another dire warning go un-acted upon, like "Osama bin Laden to attack US" a few days before it happened.

One other thing: Terrorists want to scare us, not kill us (well, maybe some of us, but certainly not all of us -- that would be counter-productive, don't you think, if you're in the business of scaring people?). These guys who perpetrated 9/11 are not terrorists. They're mass murderers. Our government seems to be the terrorists, always wanting to frighten us into the corners of our homes, except for shopping.

We must shop, to keep up the economy.

Why Bush Will Be A Winner -- by that idiot, Bill Kristol