Monday, July 30, 2007

Is it any wonder General Motors is near collapse when they hire idiots like Limbaugh?

Crooks and Liars » Limbaugh’s GM commercial…He’s just looking out for Global Climate

Rush Limbaugh is, among other things, an asshole. But that's not why I wrote. He's also NOT an environmentalist. Oh, there's something mental about a guy who pays illegal workers to get him illegally prescribed pain killers, but there's nothing environmental about this guy, other than that he's anti-environment.

So GM goes out and gets them a spokesperson for their green initiatives. GM has never been about making a better product, much less a better product for a better environment (excluding the 'Vette, of course). They hired Rush Numnuts. So, I guess he fits their model.

Besides being the world's fattest hypocrite, he's also the biggest a-hole out there. I wish somebody would shove a Prius up his anus. Figuratively, of course. His butt might swallow a Prius whole. And we'd never get it back.

And that would be anti-green.