Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andrew Sullivan on torture and George W. Bush

Sullivan has really come around. I admit I don't read him often, but he used to be, it seems to me, on Bush's side.

Now he definitely isn't. Here's an excerpt:
And that is why the Khmer Rouge used it. And the Soviets. And the Nazis. And George W. Bush.

Here he's talking about waterboarding, a torture technique that makes the subject say just about anything because he thinks he's being drowned.

I think they need to come up with a torture technique that involves fire. Like pouring kerosene on a victim and setting him ablaze.

Hey, he'd most likely die, but he's not going to tell the truth anyway.

And fire's a lot neater to watch than pouring water.

Just a thought. (By the way, I am really kidding, but I would not put it past these a-holes to give it a try.)