Friday, November 03, 2006

Laura Bush throws integrity aside, stumps for Pombo

Laura Bush has sunk as low as her husband, the First Gentelman, George. She is now campaigning for CA-11 incumbent, Richard Pombo. I guess George Bush coming out last month to rally the troops in Pombo's district wasn't enough. These guys are desperate, now that Pombo's challenger, Jerry McNerney, is leading in the latest polls, by 2 points (a tie, statistically, and who knows who'll show up? The Kerry-motivated base or REAL AMERICANS who vote when there's an election?)

Apparently, her Pombo lovefest is being held by "Goal Line Productions," owned by none other than the son of former Oakland Raider coach, John Madden. I cannot find out where the event is in Pleasanton, which is typical. Only VIPs and invited guests will be allowed to attend. Nobody wants a heckling of the First Lady. Let alone some really scary questions, like, "Why are you endorsing a man who hates children?" (I made that up, he probably loves children, but he wants to kill your dog. Okay, I made that up, too, but he does want to repeal the Endangered Species Act. )