Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting machines crash in Ohio...what's next?

Don't the jackasses who run elections for each state test this stuff out first? Are these things Windows-based or what? Why do we have the technology of some third-world country behind these voting machines?

Does any of this make you really mad? I mean, I could see myself beating the hell out of a voting machine if it failed to take my vote. Sheesh, I could build a voting machine in about an hour that would work and print out a frikkin' receipt!

Anybody could. Go down to Fry's, get a box, build a GUI (MS Access is used now, methinks), and go to town. Give me a bazillion dollars, please. Just solved America's democracy problem.

Now, onto its Constitutional issues: Fire the government. Hire a new one. We're the CEO, you know.