Friday, November 03, 2006

Bush stumping for his Republican Congressmen

President George Bush is on the stump for some of his Republican Congressmen, who are most likely behind or running neck-and-neck with their opponents. One has to wonder why anyone would want Bush in their corner. He has one of the lowest approval ratings of any president, ever. In short, his stature with the American public sucks.

He is giving campaign speeches on 3 key topics:
  1. Democrats don't have a plan for victory in Iraq. Neither does he. Oh, wait, his is private. Hey, maybe the Democrats have a private plan, too. You know, so they don't tip off the enemy when they win back control of both Houses. (I know, this is wishful thinking. At the very least, Karl Rove has rigged the machines again to give slim wins to Republicans, to make it look close.)
  2. Democrats will make us less safe. As if we're safe with this joker. Security "theater" is being conducted right now. All the safety "precautions" we have to undergo at airports is just that -- theater. It doesn't make us any safer. And remember, the worst attack in 60 or so years on our own turf occurred during Bush's watch, when he was focused on the Cold War and Iraq, and took his eye off the ball (PDB entitled "bin Laden determined to attack" only one month before he did).
  3. Democrats will raise taxes. Well, he may be right on this one. After all, Clinton raised taxes and look where that put us. The economy tanked (it didn't -- in fact, the economy was rip-roarin' nuts), the deficit grew out of control (oh, wait, the deficit went down under Clinton, UP during Bush, by a LOT), and people were throwing themselves out of buildings (oops, they did that only after Bush came to DC, when the NASDAQ fell from 5000 to less than 2000; oh, and when planes crashed into the two biggest buildings in America). And they might have to raise taxes to get our asses out of debt to the Chinese. The biggest threat to our existence is the Chinese and their having us by the collective debt balls.
Gay marriage? Has he been talking about this? I don't know. I only know what's reported on TV and I haven't seen any of his tripe about that. And it's probably good, now that one of the top "evangelicals" (Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, a 30-million member body) in the country may have had a gay relationship with a male prostitute. Hmmm, cover my eyes and it's not there, I guess is what the Republicans are doing.

What with Mark Foley and other Congressional members hiding in the closet, only to have been outed by those they scurried naked around with at summer camp, the Republicans really look like a bunch of hypocritical, gay, confused, imbeciles. More in the next post when I talk about Laura Bush stooping -- um, stumping -- for Dick Pombo in Pleasanton this morning.