Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Heroes revisited

Now that I've seen the Kerry comment about "getting stuck in Iraq," I get it. Context makes a whole lot of difference in this stuff.

Kerry was talking about Bush. He was basically saying that Bush and his cohorts had not done their homework with regard to Iraq; furthermore, Bush's rap has always been that he was never a good student and didn't study hard.

I can totally get what Kerry was talking about.

The White House, yet again, has taken comments from Democrats out of context and has distorted the issue.

Kerry could have said, explicitly, "Bush got us stuck in Iraq because he didn't do his homework" but come on. This distortion by Snowjob and Bush is ridiculous.

This is all they've got. And they do it so well. They take a mole hill and make it a mountain.

The thing that really galls me is that all the "radio pundits" like Savage and Doyle, not to mention Hannity and O'Reilly, all jumped on this and furthered the out-of-context banter. Furthermore, the radioheads (I can only reference Savage and Doyle on this one) said that this comment by Kerry would "motivate the base," implying that the "base" was not going to vote until Kerry pissed them off. I heard so many of the callers to these radio shows lament, "Kerry needs to apologize to the troops." Or, "Kerry hates the soldiers." And, "All 3 of my kids are in the military and they're very well-educated. My daughter said, 'If anything happends to me, don't pull a Kerry on me.'"

What kind of crap is that? What does that mean?

The real issue here is one of voting. The Republican base was going to "sit this one out?"

Don't real Americans vote, each and every time? Don't real Americans believe that it's their civic duty to vote, each and every time?

You mean to tell me that these Republicans aren't real Americans? OMG, what has come of this country? It takes a poorly-worded comment from an also-ran politician to motivate these jerks to vote?

Where do all these stupid people come from? Heck, it's these same people who hate immigrants (and, aren't we all, except for us descendants of the American Indian)! I think the immigrants, illegal or not, can only make this country smarter. It's real easy to raise the collective IQ when it's room temperature, opposed to when it's above average, or only average (to which we can only aspire).

The crap needs to stop.

Vote for the best candidate, based on his/her record, or short of a record, vote based on his/her ideas and integrity. I don't care whether he's Democrat, Republican, alien, or what.

And stay away from jerks who distort what really happened.