Friday, November 03, 2006

Bush challenges Democrats to offer plan for Iraq

This one is truly funny. "Bush challenges Democrats to offer plan for Iraq." Good one.

What is your plan, President Bush? Do you have one? Are you following it? If so, why are things going so poorly? If not, why not? Oh, wait, you don't have a plan, much less a clue.

Is this some sort of trick? The Dems tell you their plan, you take it, make it your own, and get the hell out of Iraq? Kind of like the Department of Homeland Security (remember, Bush didn't want a Department of Homeland Security. Only after the Democrats in Congress offered up the idea, with a lot of pressure, did Bush accept the idea, then stole it and called it his own. My facts may be a little off here, but I think I remember Joe "Eeyore" Lieberman proposed legislation to make a Department of Homeland Security and the President was against it, before he was for it.)


You're not nearly as stupid as you look or sound or act. Bravo!