Thursday, July 05, 2007

Entire Bush administration made of pussies

White House: Clinton shameless in Libby comments -

I'm the last guy to -- pardon the pun -- pardon Bill Clinton for his, um, pardons: I think he went nuts in granting felons and miscreants pardons during his last days.

But Tony Snow is the pussy spokesman for the biggest pussy ever in the White House. These guys always -- ALWAYS -- point to Clinton as the poster child for everything that they do that is questioned.

"Clinton did it." The standard response. These guys not only have no morals, ethics, or collective conscience, they also are just like those little pricks in school who shout at you when you're a hundred yards away, and then stand behind the big bully (Dick Cheney) when close by.

I think Cheney would die of a heart attack if anyone ever stood up to him. Hey, there's an idea! Why doesn't somebody stand up to Dick?

I'm not the only guy who noticed this diversionary tactic away from the issue.