Sunday, July 01, 2007

Google takes on Michael Moore and his movie Sicko

Google vs Michael Moore

I agree with the author -- Google only stands to lose in a battle against Michael Moore. Oh, sure, they could find that he's looked for "fat, white chicks taking it up the a--" but come on. Nobody would be surprised by that, or anything else for that matter, so the "exposure" would fail in its attempt at embarrassment.

Moore has taken on the biggest and dirtiest and he generally wins. Mostly because what he says has threads, if not entire fabrics, of the truth, but also because he's funny. And ballsy. I'd love to see him take on Google's CEO and ask him, among other things, why he has a yahoo email address.

That one still puzzles me. You've got to at least have a little respect for Microsoft, for they eat their own dog food. Apparently, the google gmail offering is good enough for us schlepps but not for the head of google.