Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Richard Pombo wants to kill your dog (as long as it's on the Endangered Species list)

The post at the Jump, while tremendously hilarious, is quite sad. It reports that our esteemed US Representative, Richard "Dick" Pombo, is to be the beneficiary of a letter in which the writer, the SCI, pleads for money from its members for the very poor and very poorly received Pombo, who has done everything in his power (along with Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff) to dismantle the Endangered Species Act.

You see, the SCI, short for Safari Club International, hunts fenced-in animals all over the world. Men with small penises like to kill animals that cannot get away with large caliber rifles and then hang their heads on their walls like trophies. This is why the SCI refers to the animals on its hit list as "trophies."

It's unfortunate that this group, SCI, hides behind "animal conservation" in its pursuit of trophy animals. It's even more unfortunate that members of our government, like acting director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Matthew J. Hogan, are either members of or supporters of SCI. I know hunters around the world beleive that "thinning the herd" is appropriate and essential to the survival of the species (whatever the species) because, in part, mankind, in causing the demise of natural predators, has caused the over population of the species that they seek to hunt and kill.

I believe that hunting some species is beneficial to the species. But when is the last time you've heard of buffalo overpopulation?

It doesn't occur. Same with water buffalo and elephants. And tigers, and bears, and ... the list goes on.

The point of all this is:

  • Under-endowed men like to kill all things with penises bigger than theirs
  • Richard Pombo supports these men
  • They all want to repeal the Endangered Species Act
I want to repeal Richard Pombo.