Saturday, February 24, 2007

Barack Obama calls Cheney a Chump

Barack Obama didn't really call Cheney a chump. But he did offer one gem:
"Now, keep in mind, this is the same guy that said we'd be greeted as liberators, the same guy that said that we're in the last throes. I'm sure he forecast sun today," Obama said to laughter from supporters holding campaign signs over the heads to keep dry. "When Dick Cheney says it's a good thing, you know that you've probably got some big problems."

Obama may not have enough political capital to pull this thing off, but he sure is an appealing candidate.

It's too bad that money rules politics. The only way Obama can win is to figure out how to raise a TON of money. Otherwise, Hillary Clinton wins and the Dems lose, even without a good candidate offered up by the Republicans. So far, the only somewhat viable candidate on the right is John McCain and I think he's easily defeated by anybody but Clinton. She's wackier than he is and the American public will soon figure this out.