Friday, February 09, 2007

What the hell is wrong with people?

The mother of a boy who got in a fight gave him a handgun and told him to take revenge on the boy he fought.

Clarence Johnson shot the 17-year-old boy in the stomach. The boy died. The New Orleans police are looking for both Clarence and his mother, Vanessa Johnson.

Just what in hell is wrong with Ms. Johnson? She needs to be found, prosecuted, and made to go around the country and forced to meet with parents of kids who were killed with firearms.

What a stupid, immoral woman. She's an animal, no other way to say it. Used to be, back in the "old days," that kids would fight, there'd be a winner, the winner would be heralded, the loser scorned, and eventually, everybody would just settle down.

Then people started using knives. Now it's guns. I know, this has been going on for years, especially in the big cities. But where I grew up, a tiny little cow-town, fights were always about who was the better fighter and the better fighter always won. Now, the guy with the gun wins. Every time.

But does he really? How's this kid, Clarence Johnson, feel now that he's taken another person's life? I cannot place all the blame on his mother. After all, Clarence is 17 years old. He should know better. But he might be mentally deficient; I'd say both he and his mother are, in some form. But how's he feel now? He's most likely going to spend a LOT of time behind bars. For losing a fist fight. Big deal. You lost. No matter how bad you are, there's ALWAYS somebody badder. Get over it. Grow up. Get a girl friend. Get some self esteem. Get some BALLS.

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