Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pat Robertson seems to have a habit of threatening people

I guess when you're as close to God as Pat Robertson is, you could make some pretty mighty death threats, too. In this case, a so-called bodybuilder is suing Robertson because the televangelist has used the bodybuilders "likeness" in commercials for his stupid, I mean, God-powerful protein shakes, the same shakes that Robertson claims gives him super-human strength.

I'd say if you're so damned close to God, would you really need protein shakes? Couldn't you just eat and drink anything you pleased and still be omnipotent?

Anyways, the bodybuilder claims that Robertson, upon entering the courtroom for a deposition, said he'd kill the bodybuilder and his family. Of course, Robertson denies it. I'm sure one of his other 75 personalities said it.