Friday, February 16, 2007

Ten Largest Databases in the World

Here's a list of the ten largest databases in the world. Some of them are pretty cool, like the Centre for Climate, at #1. The CIA, you'd think, and you'd be correct, would be huge. Same for the Library of Congress. Of course, the phone companies, you'd rightfully think, would have gigantic databases. The concerning thing is what's in those databases. The right, or wrong (depending on your perspective), person or entity could get a pretty clear picture of who you are and what you do, based on your consumer behavior, by piecing together a lot of this disparate data.

Additionally, by doing this wrong, they could paint a pretty ugly picture, too. Who knows if this really ugly picture might be painted on purpose for nefarious reasons?

Here's to Big Brother. He will rule all lives, if he doesn't already.

  1. World Data Centre for Climate
  2. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
  3. AT and T
  4. Google
  5. Sprint
  6. ChoicePoint
  7. YouTube
  8. Amazon
  9. CIA
  10. Library of Congress