Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rudy Giuliani -- Lots of baggage -- don't think he'll run after this

I think Rudy Giuliani ought to bow out of the presidential race before he bows in. This report, surfaced by The Smoking Gun, airs a lot of Giuliani's dirty laundry prior to his successful mayoral run for New York.

Apparently, he had married his second cousin, which is just weird. I've heard of kissing cousins, but only in the movies, and they only ever just kissed. Rudy, while he doesn't talk about this marriage, which he had annulled after 14 or so years (nobody knows), has never said that they never consummated the marriage, so one must assume that he did the freaky thingy with his cousin, which is seriously freakish.

If that's not bad enough, he has lots of vulnerabilities. He's flipped from Democrat to Republican, pro-life to pro-choice, there's evidence he's been anti-gay rights, and he dodged the draft.

So all his "heroics" aside, he's vulnerable in the primaries and, if he wins, he loses big time if the Dems exploit his weaknesses as called out in the linked report.

Enjoy. It's quite a read. Get the barf bag.