Monday, February 19, 2007

McMissile lands Virginia woman in jail for 2 years

A Virginia woman, Jessica Hall, mother and wife of an Iraq war veteran, has found herself in quite a pickle. She will spend up to the next 2 years after having committed a felony, by throwing a cup of ice into another car on the roadway.
No one was injured, but the cup launcher, Jessica Hall, 25, of Jacksonville, N.C., was charged and convicted by a Stafford County jury of maliciously throwing a missile into an occupied vehicle, a felony in Virginia. The instructions given to the jury said that "any physical object can be considered a missile. A missile can be propelled by any force, including throwing."

Are you freakin' kiddin' me? A missile made out of a cup of ice? A missile?

Unbelievable that the jury sent a woman to prison on a felony conviction for throwing a cup of ice! More ridiculous: That the judge was cool with this. He/she needs a lesson in dignity and honor.

We cannot even convict people who confess to raping and murdering people, but we find it okay to convict this woman of propelling a friggin' missile! Wow!