Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oscar losers are really winners: $71k gift bags

I don't normally pay much attention to this stuff, for the subject of these stories always complain that they get too much attention (but they also seek that attention -- it's a disorder called "acting" or "performing") and I really don't care about them (oh, a few I enjoy watching, but not many), but these gift bags are crazy.

A $26,000 trip to Las Vegas? Does it include gambling money? Because if it doesn't, what good is it? Seriously, where does the money come from? I'd like to see an unofficial boycott of Hollywood. I don't care about their politics, their crying foul every time somebody "steals" from them, their shaved heads, or their rehab (well, the rehab I like -- like I said before, this is a disorder that should be addressed and rehab is the first of many (12?) steps to take to rid themselves of the need to incessantly seek attention.

If only these "stars" had good, caring, parents who were around when they were growing up. Betty Ford would be out of business.