Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bush worst President ever? Zogby pollsters think so

It finally is dawning on people: President George W. (the 'W' is for Worst or Woeful) Bush is a terrible president, quite possibly the worst ever. I've made myself clear in the past: I voted for Bush the first time around and realized very early on that he was a fraud. He is by no means conservative on any front, unless you think conservative means "Pro Life."

Bush has never vetoed a spending bill. Look at our deficit.

He's never met a tax cut he didn't like. Look at our deficit.

No Child Left Behind. A massive waste of money that's doing its best to leave as many children behind, as long as they're poor and/or non-Christian.

Small government: Fail.
Fiscally conservative: Fail.
Keeping us safe: Monumental failure.
Keeping out of our personal, private lives. Dismal failure.

It may have taken close to 2 terms, but it's clear now that many Americans have seen the light: George W. Bush is a disastrous president who's made the world a more chaotic, more dangerous place.

I wonder what he wins for being the worst president ever? You be the judge.