Monday, August 27, 2007

AG Gonzales resignation: Let the games begin!

Oh, the hilarity ensues over Gonzo (that's "Alberto" Gonzales) leaving (from Wonkette):
His sons are named Jared, Graham, and Gabriel??? Those are the whitest fucking names we have ever heard.
Bedtime For Gonzo Dept.: Fredo's Resignation Speech - Wonkette

Here's a joke that is not really funny:
Anyway, Democrats won, hooray, and all they had to do to win the resignation of a criminal they should’ve impeached was agree to sign away all of our rights in a wiretapping bill that they were angry with Fredo for illegally trying to enforce in the first place. Shit, is it Labor Day yet?
A Farewell To Assholes Dept.: HEY EVERYONE, GONZO FINALLY RESIGNED - Wonkette