Thursday, August 16, 2007

Would you let your kids write their own report cards?

An Early Clash Over Iraq Report -

If so, I guess you're behind the President on this one. However, I bet most people want their kids' teachers to write their report cards, for numerous reasons, two of which come to mind right away:
  1. Ethics -- The Bush Administration has already demonstrated that it is not wholly honest and open when dealing with the public they are supposed to be serving. Faced with an ethical dilemma, BushCo will do what is in their best interest, not what is right. They stand behind "morals" all the time, but they surely do not really believe in morals, ethics, and they have zero integrity.
  2. Objectivity -- This is the real kicker. How can BushCo be counted on to provide an objective analysis of how their own war strategy is working out? I think, at best, they view the world through their own government-issued rose-colored glasses.
All along, Bush and his cronies have said, "We'll wait to see what General Patraeus says." Everyone thought that meant the report. But now that history is being rewritten. Here's how it breaks down:
  1. We'll get an oral report from General Patraeus.
  2. We'll "consider" his assessment.
  3. We'll pick and choose what we like and include it in our report; what we don't like won't get published.
  4. We'll write a report assessing the success of our own strategy and tactics. Everything will be peachy-keen, Jim-Dandy. Except for reality.
Of course, we'll have to wait and see what happens. But I'd love for Congress to call the General to a special session to hear what he has to say. It would be really interesting to wait until after the report comes out: Compare the report to his assessment and see if there's a shred of his thoughts in the report he originally would be giving.

What a bunch of punks!