Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chinese toys are poisoning our children

Consumers Union: Chinese toys are poisoning our children

The economist in me says to let the market decide: Don't buy any toys with the label, "Made in China." Indeed, some have said that the "Made in China" label is not so much an indicator of where a good was manufactured but rather more a warning label, as in, "Made in China. Buyer beware. They're crappy goods, made of poison, and will slowly kill your children."

But the pragmatist in me says that our government should be doing more. I heard this morning on one of the (hundreds?) cable news channels that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has around 100 inspectors. If this is true, we're in serious jeopardy. The CPSC has virtually no teeth anymore (thank you, big government) and hasn't called for any mandatory recalls; they've all been voluntary.

What do you think? What should consumers do? What should our government do?

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