Friday, August 17, 2007

Repugnicans want to re-engineer how state's electoral votes are awarded

Dems Oppose Calif. Electoral Vote Split, Democratic Leaders, Allies Fight Referendum That Could Tilt 2008 Race - CBS News
"In a state as large and diverse as California, what can be fairer than using congressional districts to apportion electoral votes," said Kevin Eckery, a spokesman for Californians for Equal Representation, a committee backing the proposal.
I'll tell you how. Vote against this measure, first and foremost. Then, set the districts back to a by-county basis. Then, let's talk again about foregoing a winner-take-all-electoral vote.

While the regressives have been in power, they have redistricted California (and many other states) to their advantage (and good for them -- it's good to be the king) and now want to say that the electoral votes should be cast by the very districts that they've set up.

Yeah, that's fair.

And balanced.

NO. Let's try something different. Keep the electoral voting system the same. Change the districts. And then, let's re-hash this.