Friday, August 31, 2007

Every day we find out that, months ago -- if not years ago -- we lost another privacy right

U.S. Cites ‘Secrets’ Privilege as It Tries to Stop Suit on Banking Records - New York Times

The Bush administration is amazing.
The “state secrets” privilege, allowing the government to shut down litigation on national security grounds, was once rarely used. The Bush administration has turned to it more than 30 times in terrorism-related cases, seeking to end public discussion of cases like the claims of an F.B.I. whistle-blower and the abduction of a German terrorism suspect.
fI guess it's good that our government is watching out for us, but it seems that it may be watching us in a perverted way. It just feels icky. Like you're in the restroom and somebody's watching you. Afterwards, you need a shower.