Monday, August 27, 2007

Bush: bin Laden "dead or alive" 6 years later

The Ongoing Hunt for Osama bin Laden - Newsweek: World News -

It's got to be frustrating working for the military, what with all its paperwork, approval processes, and red tape.
"We'd be typing in 130-degree heat while we're crapping away with bacillary dysentery and sometimes the brass at Kandahar or Baghram would kick back and tell you the spelling was incorrect, that you weren't using the tab to delimit the form correctly."
Here's the saddest part about the difficulty (stupidity?) of staging two wars, neither of which we could, by definition, focus fully on:
In 2005, the CIA gave President Bush a secret slide show on the hunt for bin Laden. The president was taken aback by the small number of CIA case officers posted to Afghanistan and Pakistan. "Is that all there are?" the president asked, according to a former intelligence official, who declined to be identified discussing White House meetings. The CIA had already embarked on a "surge" of sorts, and doubled the number of officers in the field. But many were inexperienced and raw recruits, and they produced little improvement in "actionable" intelligence.
It's sad that we've lost thousands of troops and killed and maimed many thousands of others, not to mention all the Iraqis we've destroyed, for nothing.

The world consensus has always been that Osama bin Laden was the mastermind behind 9/11. Priority Number One ought to have been to kill the son of a bitch. Or, better yet, capture him and hold a public trial that ended in his execution.

But, no, we let him go. Don't even get me started on why we let the bin Laden clan out of the US right after 9/11 or the fact that bin Laden and Little Bush shared the same sandbox.