Thursday, August 07, 2008

Conservatives Love France and All They Stand For

A paradox?
  • Self-identifying Republican "conservatives" (of which I am not) seem to hate the French and all they stand for.
  • The same "conservatives" want nuclear power, often citing France's embrace of the power method, talking at length about how the French get 80 percent of their power from nuclear reactors and we get only 20 percent.
Yet, through all this, these same "conservatives" coined the term "freedom fries" because they disdain the French so much.

Here's my take on all this:
  1. Stop bashing the French. They gave us the Statue of Liberty, croissants, and that little dude from Hogan's Heroes.
  2. Ramp up production of nuclear facilities. They're super-efficient and very safe. The only two things I'd be concerned about are meltdowns and where to put the waste. 
    1. Meltdowns: We had a brief scare at Three Mile Island. Nothing ever happened with it. Chernobyl? That was the Soviets. They were kind of reckless with stuff, weren't they?
    2. Waste: There are vast areas of land here in the States that are barren. The Dakotas, Nevada, Utah, and Jersey are places where I'd consider putting this stuff. Another good place: Mars.
  3. The "conservatives" I'm talking about here are people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly. You know, real dickheads. Guys who got the shit knocked out of them in school. They're real assholes and don't deserve a speck of our attention, yet millions of people watch and listen to them. I watch, but only like I watch a train wreck: It's just so enthralling.
So the title is a little provocative. "Conservatives" like Hannity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly love to hate the French but they love their power (in more ways than one) and will argue their case using spurious statistics, even going against their own over-arching principles, most of which are anti-French and anti- anti-USA (which is everybody else because America is so great and NEVER makes faux pas!!!).


da patriot said...

You have failed to do a comprehensive analysis. France now has a pro-American leader. Unlike Liberals, Conservatives see no advantage to holding a grudge indefinately.

The BoBo said...

Hmmm..that's a different take on it. I always got the sense they used the French as an example as if to say.."look, we hate those guys, and yet, they get it. So, if even the frenchy frenchmen are smart enough to use nuke power, what the hell is wrong with us?" I see it as them using it comparatively.

But..yours is a valid point I hadn't considered.