Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Updates from the Democratic National Convention

I've watched some of the Democratic National Convention, I must admit. I've seen Michelle Obama's speech. It was agood, not great. She looked like she was being sincere and I get the feeling that she genuinely is proud of her husband.

I saw a little bit of Hillary Clinton's speech last night. She just doesn't do anything positive for me. She has the speaking ability of the typical senator -- droning, monotone, yelling.

I also saw most of Joe Biden's speech, as well as his son's introduction speech. These guys are always made bigger-than-life, but if any of Biden's story is true, he is truly an extraordinary man. My hat's off to him for having to deal with losing his wife and a child to a tragic car accident and raising his two boys without a mother figure for 5 years.

His wife, by the way, looks extremely proud of him, too.

I didn't get to see any of Bill Clinton's speech. I regret not having watched more of his speeches while he was president. I don't like the guy to this day, but I hear he's a fabulous speaker and politician!

Where the hell is John Edwards? What? He had an affair with a chick his campaign paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for making silly documentaries of him on the road? This is better than Rob Lowe's sex tapes. Not quite as good as Pam Anderson's and Tommy Lee's though.

But, wait, there's more? He may be the father of the child she had? And he's paying her how much in support? And he's paying how much to put her and the baby up?

Man, I've been asleep at the wheel!

Really, I haven't. I just hadn't worked up the gumption to write about this, til now. I really thought he and Barack would have made a great presidential team. He's white, from the South, great speaker, had the attention of the white middle class and poor male. Barack is black, from the North, a great speaker, and also had the attention of the middle class and poor.

Oh well.

Tomorrow, Barack Obama is going to give his speech at the whatever they call it dome, in Denver, where the Broncos (if that's still their name) play. Should be about 80,000 rabid fans there. I hope the loonies don't get anywhere near Obama, but I fear there's always that chance. And always will be. Because he's black and some white folk just don't think a black man is qualified to sit at the same table, let alone run the country.

Next up: John McCain -- Smart Enough to Steal Barack's Thunder? No. But Maybe Lucky Enough.