Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pickens: Altruist or Profiteer?

I'm betting you already know my answer. Sure, he's "got a plan." But what he fails to tell you is that his plan's goal is not our independence of foreign oil but our dependence upon him for our water.

Yes, you read that right. His plan speaks of so-called "alternative" energy (as if there's an alternative to electrons, photons, and chemical reactions. "Hey, lookie here, I just pulled energy out of my ass!") like wind, coal, and natural gas.

And, on paper and on YouTube, it looks great. Until you see how TBP intends to profit on this.

Read the whole thing here -- T. Boone Pickens may be supporting renewable 'energy'but gaining a water monopoly is his real goal --

but here's the gist of it. He owns water rights. A ton of them. He wants to sell his water to Dallas, 250 miles from where he owns the water rights. He just got passed in the Texas Legislature (or "Lege" as my friend Molly Ivins used to say) a bill that allows the government to take land away from landowners through eminent domain for purposes of allowing water districts to "transmit alternative energy and move water along a single right of way."

So here's how it works: Pickens buys water rights in Texas to sell 250 miles down the road. He can't get the right of way for transporting the water, so he compels people's emotional reaction to high gas and heating oil prices

by saying, duh, we need to figure out a way to become less dependent on

foreign oil. And the way we do this is let me build a wind farm. Oh, by the way, I need to transport that energy from here to there, and why don't you just let me move the water through that same channel?

Get it?