Thursday, August 14, 2008

McCain Not a Straight Talker on Energy

I really wish I liked John McCain. He seems like a fine fella (hint: sarcasm). But his record certainly speaks for itself. Embroiled in the Savings and Loan fiasco that cost taxpayers 1/2 a trillion dollars, caught up in "campaign finance reform" that did nothing but make the problem worse -- and more opaque -- and now this:

McCain has failed to vote the last 8 times on extending energy credits to help bolster the so-called "alternative energy" industry. In effect, a null vote is a no vote, in short because it's not a yes vote.

It's the yes votes that pass legislation.

So while McCain wants to make permanent the Bush tax cuts (a 180 from where he was a few years ago -- what changed, Johnny?), he doesn't want to do a similar thing with alternative energy incentives.

What a loser.

By the way, Obama is not much better, but at least he's voted 3 of the 8 times this legislation has come to a vote. Not even 50 percent. But he may say that he's been away for the 5 votes he missed (I'm not sure). But it's a fact that McCain was in his office on Capitol Hill during one of the votes.

Read Tom Friedman's article in the New York Times for complete details.


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