Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rants - August 13, 2008

Welcome to the August 13, 2008 edition of Rants.

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents Political Hacks and Why I Hate Them posted at Disillusioned Words.
I hear ya on this! Ideology trumps reality every time for these jerks. Plus, they're just damned irritating (you know who you are, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, Olberman, Franken)

crebots presents You can pick your friends.... posted at Stop Believing Start Thinking.
Great line -- 
I always squirm a little when someone I don't know calls me "friend." I get the same feeling when I walk onto a used car lot. 
 Ashok presents The Unity of Justice and Fraternity: On Lincoln’s "Second Inaugural" posted at Rethink., saying, "A reading of Lincoln's Second Inaugural: how does a nation come together after an awful war that may divide it forever?"
Lots to think about. How do we compare today?

Jason Hughey presents Abundance or Scarcity? posted at Logical Consistency, saying, "When environmentalism is dissected bit by bit and taken to its logical conclusions, we can only conclude that: environmentalists desire scarcity."

Calvin Liu presents Olympics + Gerek in the Olympics posted at Up & On, saying, "A Chinese-American's perspective"

Calvin Liu presents Politics, Yo + A Little Humanism posted at Up & On, saying, "A naive college student's view of politics"

Calvin Liu presents And, the Starting Gun: China Against the World. posted at Up & On, saying, "Criticism of China"

Holly Ord presents What Kids Think About Bill O’Reilly posted at Menstrual Poetry.
Bill O'Reilly is quite possibly the biggest dick in television. Plus, he's a hypocrite.

Holly Ord presents Pro-Life Extremists Contradicting the Term ‘Pro-Life’–Again posted at Menstrual Poetry.
Not to mention that often they're pro-capitol punishment. Isn't that pro-death?

Wenchypoo presents TV D-Day: Will You Need a Converter Box? posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, saying, "Not a rant, but more a public service announcement--no politics inside."
C'mon, I expect WAY more of you :)

Machione presents What Will North Canton Do With $1.1 Million? posted at The North Canton Beat....

Machione presents Anthony McCune, Writer, Marketing and PR Practitioner, Photographer, Activist, Advocate - Canton, Stark County, Ohio - A Pay Per Post Blog posted at The Lives and Times... of Anthony McCune.

Aahz presents Are Morgan Hill Teachers Actually OVERpaid? posted at Aahz Reviews Morgan Hill, saying, "Common wisdom holds that government school teachers are UNDERpaid. I couldn't disagree more!"

Urbain Beck presents Why the Push for the Libertarian Party? posted at NOT a Guru!.

Gavin R. Putland presents The Great Capital-Gains-Tax Hoax posted at Prosper Australia, saying, "Real capital doesn't gain."
A different way of looking at capital.

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