Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vote for John Bootie?

I found this in my "drafts" folder...I got all over this guy for wanting to run for president. Here's the dialog. He agreed I could print this.


In my last post about John Bootie, entitled Who the hell is John Bootie?, I introduced you to a truck driver-turned politician (he claims he is not a politician, but I say he is merely by running for office) who wants to be president. I've seen his name floating around the web and I have had a brief dialog with him.

He's a pleasant enough fellow. He and I don't share many of the same views, but we can hold a civil conversation, which is more than we will be able to say for Hillary and Giuliani, those two peas in a pod from New York, if they ever go head-to-head.

In the interest of sharing opposing view points, which is truly what makes America great, I have asked John if I could post our dialog on this blog. To his credit, he said yes, as long as I didn't post anything personal about anybody but the two of us. Fair enough. I've left the text as is and in chronological order.


Good Evening Bill,

Interesting headline you chose for your rant! So tell me what you want to know about John Bootie the candidate. Or for that fact, John Bootie the person. I will answer anything you wish to know, as long as it's about me and not my family or friends.

I don't care or expect everyone to like me or vote for me. Unless they like what the see and get to know the person behind the candidate. I am in this to get the message out that their are others out here, who are truly Conservative and for the little people.
I have to be, I am one of the small unnoticed people. No I don't have a staff writing speech's for me. I wonder how Obama or Clinton would sound if they didn't have a staff of speech writer's.

Tell me Bill, who do you see as a truly stand out candidate so far? That you would entrust your children's or Grand children's future too? I don't see one person I would trust with the lives of my children or grand children so far. That's why I am in this race. I didn't have grand idea's it would be easy or that people would just stop and say hey I will vote for him. No I tell everyone I don't want your vote unless you agree with my views and idea's.....

"Apparently, John Bootie is a trucker-turned-politician."

Trust me Bill I am not a politician, I can't stand them. They lie to your face. They tell each group a different story. Most people I talk to think their all crooks and liars.

"Quite possibly, he is the most unqualified, ignorant, and foolish candidate EVER to run for office."

Apparently the most ignorant and foolish! Why is it if I differ in views and opinions with a liberal I am ignorant or foolish? Am I to understand that only the liberals and elite have opinions that matter, or are of concern to you?

As for unqualified how is that? The constitution clearly states the only requirement to run for the Office is that you be over 35 and be born in the USA.

"He talks about the importance of education, but he himself is so undereducated that it's near-impossible to follow his meanderings on his web site. If his writing skills are any indication, he never finished grade school."

No! Bill I finished High School. Believe it or not. No, I don't have a college degree do you? I do possess a PhD in commonsense. I truly believe our forefathers who founded this country and wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence possessed PhD's in commonsense as well. I doubt, any of them had much of an education by today's standards either. Do you consider them ignorant, foolish and unqualified?

"I really don't like to beat up on guys, and he's probably a really nice guy. And I am not beating him up because his views are different than mine.

"I'm writing this because he needs to get a clue:"

Bill trust me. I have a clue, about what I am doing and why I am doing it. Your freedom to criticize me, is one of the reasons.

I am in this because of people who think they can do better. I am just silly enough to stand up and try, is all:-))

I am one of the normal every day guy's who wants a better life for you and my grand-daughters.

"Nobody's going to listen to him"

Bill obviously, for you to write this blog, you listened. John the baptist was one crying in the wilderness. Somebody listened to him, or he wouldn't have been beheaded. Bill, I have gotten the attention of a lot of people. I have even had some ideas spoken about on Hannity's afternoon show. They won't mention my name, since I am so unknown. But His producer has been very gracious in talking to us.

"Nobody's going to take him seriously"

Nobody will take me seriously? OK fair enough. But they didn't take Einstein or Edison seriously at first either. As long as GOD tells me to keep going, you can count on seeing my website updated more than once a week.

"Nobody's going to vote for him"

Bill even if I only get the two votes, of my son and I. The race was worth it. For one I have gotten a whole NEW perspective on my son Jason (you talked to him, my campaign manager) and daughter through this whole campaign so far. Second I have meet and gotten to respect a lot of new people. Third I have learned that you can't always count on your friends or strangers for that matter to help you out.

Thankfully you have a lot of other candidates to choose from out there. But you have to admit, I have given the people who look at my site. A view of what I would fight for on their behalf. No I am not for everyone. I expect to see people who disagree with me. I have a Gentleman heading up Nevada for me. Who still feels as you do. We disagree on almost everything. But he liked my desire to make changes. And offered to help me try to make those changes.

Trust me your rant is clean and mild compared to some emails I have received.

For the record, if you have a different view of things and would like to discuss them. I am open to new idea's. Or a different perspective on my idea's....

God Bless you and your family,
John Bootie