Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My New Friend Ashok

Take a look at my new online friend Ashok's blog. He dives way deeper into the philosophical and analytical side than I do (as you know, I often RANT). His post about Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is very good.

Give Ashok's site a look. If you like it, comment on his site, Stumble it, or digg it. He needs the traffic and, in my opinion, his blog is better than some blogs that get thousands of hits a day.


ashok said...

Thank you so much for the compliments! I'm just trying to get us knowing and discussing our heritage, and I don't mind being wrong about things if they get people reading and citing the primary sources.

billspaced said...

@ashok I find your blog enlightening in that it takes a deeper view of the topics that nobody talks about in blogs. I mean, how many times do I have to read that Exxon or Google is evil? Everybody blogs about that.

You write about history, philosophy, literature: It's a very nice departure from the norm.

However, this may be why you don't get a lot of traffic: It seems like people want the Perez Hilton crap. I don't, so keep on writing what you write and people of like mind will find you. You may never make a mint, but that's not why you're in this. If you are, I'd suggest that you keep writing this blog but start another one with a different theme...

Ashok said...

I think the main reason why I don't get the traffic is that I'm arrogant and it gets grating after a while.

I am worried about the traffic now because it's been 2 years. If it were even a year in, I'd be like "ok, I don't need much traffic." But now that it's been two years, I'm like "uh oh this is not working." I can't complain too much - I have a decent number of subscribers and a lot of traffic most people would be jealous of. But after two years you kinda expect to have a bit more than a small readership, anything more - maybe a more well-known blogger linking, maybe people trying to work with you to get a more ambitious idea off the ground, etc.

I still think the best goal is to try and make this blog popular. If it works, it's nothing less than a revolution - people will be citing a lot more than the news when discussing politics; they'll be able to articulate where their principles came from and what plausible alternatives to their line of thought are.