Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 and Apologizing to Pigs

Here are excerpts from Andrew Tobias about the Republicans wanting an apology from Obama for his stating the obvious and about 9/11:

They want an apology for using the word lipstick?
  • How about an apology for what they’ve done to this country these last eight years?
  • They’ve cut the value of the dollar nearly in half.
  • They’ve borrowed $4 trillion from our kids to give tax cuts to billionaires.
  • They’ve sent thousands of our kids to die invading the wrong country.
  • They’ve diminished our standing in the world.
  • They’ve done nothing on health care.
  • They’ve held back stem cell research.
  • They’ve fought against worker protections and against benefits for returning veterans.
  • They’ve installed corporate lobbyists as regulators. (Their Interior Department, we learned on last night’s news, was literally in bed with the oil industry.)
  • They’ve dug us into a deep, deep hole.
And they want an apology? The only thing more ridiculous than their wanting an apology from us is their wanting four more years.
AND YES . . .

I do remember what day this is – and our great friend, Rob Deraney, whom we lost that day. (It was actually Rob who introduced Charles and me.) But the best way to honor the memory of those we lost is not, as former Mayor Rudy Gu911iani recently did, mock community organizers – the same mayor who insisted on putting the City's emergency control center in the World Trade Center – but rather to help get our great country back on track.
FU, John McCain and Miss Piggy. Go screw yourself Rudy.