Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain Has Put Lipstick on a Pitbull

The brouhaha that's come about from Barack Obama using the time-honored phrase of "lipstick on a pig" while referring to John McCain's horrible policy proposals (you pick it: economics, healthcare, war, national security, they're all the same -- bad -- and while I'm at it I'm not suggesting that I agree with Obama's policies entirely) is utterly ridiculous (there, I called Sarah Palin a cow).

John McCain has used the phrase before when talking about Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan. Was he calling Clinton a pig?

He's also used the words horse, shit, and -- no doubt -- nigger.

Was he talking about Barack Obama?

This is utterly ridiculous. See what I did there? I called VP nominee (aka the Barracuda, Pitbull, MILF, hockey mom, two lips) Sarah Palin a cow again.

But let's give the McCain crybabies the benefit of the doubt. Let's say Barack was calling Palin a pig, rather than a pitbull. 
  • Pitbulls kill babies
  • Pigs make mighty fine bacon and yummy hams.
She'd rather be called a baby killer than a scrumptious breakfast food? That doesn't sound quite right, does it? Sounds like what Republicans call Democrats.

And now the "liberal media" is harping on this "gaffe" incessantly. And it's all because Palin's a chick. Big deal. I'm sure she's been called worse: Whore, warmonger, spend-thrift, bitch, and catty.

She's a big girl. And let's not forget: She was chosen because she's a woman. Is that not bigotry? It's as if the Republicans forgot all about their argument against affirmative action when they chose a skirt for the 2nd most powerful position on the planet.

Ask yourself this: Who would you feel safer with? Joe Biden or Sarah Palin as president if the acting president died or became incapacitated?

I know where I stand? Do you?


Ryan DeRamos said...

Great post! Utterly! LOL!

Dick Cheney used the lipstick/pig saying on John Kerry in 2004, as many news stories and blogs have mentioned. I doubt he meant that Kerry dabbled in drag, but with the Swiftboating that originated that year...who knows? It seems that many people (partisan hacks) tend to conveniently forget about idiomatic language, in order to create a whole lot of political noise and distraction.

The big thing missing in all of this hype is an "i" word. It rhymes with "tissues," but with all this background noise, I can't seem to remember the word. It's on the tip of my tongue. (For those who are suddenly cultural infants, there's not a word literally on my tongue. And I'm being facetious about not remembering the word "issues.")

Again, great post, Bill! It's too bad that the partisan hacks have "forgotten" the intricacies of English language.


billspaced said...

Thanks for the comment, which is very funny AND to the point!!!