Monday, September 22, 2008

Still Feeling Good About the McCain Palin Ticket?

McCain made a wise choice in picking Sarah Palin. After all, half the population is women, so it makes sense that he try to appeal to the other half. You know, the half that doesn't like him.

Unfortunately, it seems that the people who most like her already liked him. So maybe he didn't get the boost he thought he should. Perhaps his blood pressure hasn't declined from the heights it's reached. He's old. He has health issues. He'll die one day. And according to actuarial tables, he'll die sooner than Obama (that is, if some redneck doesn't get ahold of Obama first).

Here's a fun video about McCain's health.

Enjoy knowing that Sarah Palin, former beauty queen, will be the next most powerful man on the planet. I'd not only like to know he's of sound health and mind (fat chance on that), but also Obama's, Biden's, and Palin's. I think it's a standard operating procedure, isn't it, that at least the presidential nominee assures the public that they're getting a product that isn't defective or already worn out?

I'd be pissed if I voted for somebody who died a few months later. I'd want my damn vote back.