Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Republican ticket: Beauty and the Beast
This picture pretty much sums up the Republican ticket.

I wonder when they'll let the Beauty speak without cue cards and pre-answered questions?

I'm not suggesting she's dumb, but I am suggesting that the campaign is afraid she'll say something that won't play right. Like abortion in cases of rape is still killing babies. Or "I was for the bridge before I was against it!" We all know how that played out last time for John Kerry.

It's my opinion, too, that she obviously didn't know what the Bush doctrine is, but who does? Does Bush even know what it means? Probably not. Oh, he knows about pre-emption, but he most likely didn't know what it meant, either. After all, the dude didn't know what sovereign meant.

And that's okay. We Americans seem to want dumb people running our country. It makes us feel better about ourselves, kind of like why we watch Jerry Springer and Nancy Grace.