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Rants -- September 11, 2008

Welcome to the September 13, 2008 edition of Rants. It's a big one, due to the fact that I haven't posted one of these since August 20...I apologize for that. There are some really good rants in here, too. So, pull up a chair, get a beverage, and have fun.

Holly Ord presents Man Suffering from PTSD Sentenced for Resisting War posted at Menstrual Poetry.

Dom presents Warcraft Destroyed My Life: Love or Addiction? posted at Dom At Large, saying, "Warcraft is an extremely large and involving game. Can it also be addictive?"

the baglady presents Thoughts about the Olympics and being Chinese in America.

Ian Bowman presents Vlog IV: On Safeway posted at If It Feels Good Do It, saying, "What did you notice the last time you were in Safeway? Here's what I noticed."

Shaula presents Knackered in Nashua posted at Your Mileage May Vary, saying, "What do you do when your hotel air conditioner breaks down? Rant!"

Madeleine Begun Kane presents McCain Thought They Were Asking How Many Combs He Owns.

Alberto O. Pareja-Lecaros presents Hillary Supporters Need To Move On posted at Youth Politics, saying, "Hillary supporters need to stop whining and start moving on with their political lives."

Archvillain presents Housing Crisis posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "The "housing crisis" is actually a crisis of Government-sponsored stupidity"

Michael Snyder presents 15 Things That Are Wrong With America posted at The Moral Collapse Of America.

Pauly T. Kal presents Code Pink Crybabies! posted at Political Rants from the Right, saying, "Video of code pink protester getting knocked on her can by one of Denver's finest during the conventions! Great! Maybe next time she'll step back as she's asked!"

The BoBo presents The Obamas are NOT the Huxtables! posted at The BoBo Files, saying, "Why is it that people are now trying to convince the American public that the Obamas are the new Huxtables? Her speech wasn't that good!"

Suldog presents Disingenuous Pieces Of Shit posted at Suldog-O-Rama, saying, "I'm just sick of it..."

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents Dems Come Out of Decade Long Hibernation With Great ConventionDisillusioned Words.

Meg presents Oligatory Election Comments posted at Simpson's Paradox.

NotYourDaddy presents What Have Progressives Got Against Progress? posted at Government is not your Daddy., saying, "Liberals don’t want to be called liberal anymore. They prefer to be referred to as “progressive.” Why are they suddenly ashamed of the word liberal? Why do they feel the need to redefine themselves as something else? And why have they chosen the singularly inappropriate term “progressive” to describe themselves? It almost seems as if they’re begging the question."

NotYourDaddy presents Sticks and Stones and All That posted at Government is not your Daddy., saying, "Since when is it racist to disagree with a black person? The term “racist” used to be reserved for true bigots, like the KKK or the Aryan Nations, — really despicable people. Now, anybody can qualify for that previously heinous label just by not supporting Obama."

Ashok presents "Stupendous Fabrics:" Notes on Alexander Hamilton's Federalist No. 9 posted at Rethink., saying, "Hamilton and Madison claim that improvements in political science have been made, making a large republic possible. Exactly what does that claim entail?"

Holly Ord presents Sarah Palin is Not a Feminist posted at Menstrual Poetry.

Brian Jay Stanley presents The Errant Power of Politicians posted at Aphorisms and Paradoxes.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Sarah Who??? posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

Archvillain presents Achtung! posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "So much for the right to peacefully assemble."

old-wizard presents Top 10 Worst Types of People posted at

Wenchypoo presents Word of the Day: Decadence posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, saying, "Written before Gustav actually hit, but illustrative of the nonsense and "reparations-receiving" that goes on in certain risk-prone areas of this country."

NotYourDaddy presents Ron Paul's Revenge posted at Government is not your Daddy., saying, "Like a spoiled child, if Ron Paul can’t be the nominee, he’ll take his marbles and go hold his own party somewhere else, doing his best to create a distraction from the RNC, siphon off as many votes as he can, and undermine the very party of which he claims to be a member."

Alex presents The Vista rant posted at Davai Blog, saying, "Vista is a pain. Plain and simple."

cranky presents The Cranky Professor posted at The Cranky Professor.

Nicholas Powiull presents How to Attract Money into Your Life & Get into the Mind-Set of Abundance (My Personal Experience): by Nicholas Powiull posted at Conscious Flex, saying, "This is my rant about my personal experience on how to attract money. The most important thing to know about money is within this article. A MUST READ! Thank you :)" presents Why We Love Palin. posted at Lorem Ipsum, saying, "Why do we love Palin? Because she makes us feel smart."

Rickey Henderson presents Rickey Presents: The Republican National Convention Drinking Game.

Lori Jewett presents Equanimity as a Weakness? - I Think Not posted at Between Us Girls, saying, "Why must the politicians and the media twist things so? And when they do, why do we believe it?"

Cancerkitty presents Improving Video Games posted at DelSquacho, saying, "Some suggestion for improving gaming."

Mark Montgomery presents Affirmative Action for Boys: The Moral Equivalent to Affirmative Action for Blacks and Latinos? posted at Great College Advice, saying, "Thanks for considering my post."

Archvillain presents A 50-Year Snit posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "A prolonged fit of pique does not good Government policy make"

The Monk presents 740,000,000--0 posted at The Key Monk.

Allen in Fort Worth presents The Theological Implications of Hurricane Gustav posted at The Whited Sepulchre, saying, "hurricanes continue to hit New Orleans. Is God trying to tell us something?"

amanda s presents Sarah Palin Sexism Debate posted at Startup Fiance.

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ashok said...

This is an awesome carnival! It's great to see the number of entries you got, and I'm definitely going to check a few of these out.

Thanks for your hard work!

billspaced said...

Yes, these were GREAT posts -- I hope they keep on comin'! I love it.

Mark Montgomery said...

Thanks for including me. This is a fun carnival!