Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My New Car Will Be Powered by Coal

Did you know you could heat your house an entire winter for about $40? It takes about a ton of coal to heat a house; coal is about $40 a ton.


This is why China and India are gaining on us (actually, they might have surpassed us) in terms of energy production. They have lots of coal. And it's cheap. In fact, China is building, on average, 1 huge power plant per week!

That's why I'm buying a car that runs on coal. Sure, it's much worse for the environment, but why should I care? I can take the thousands of dollars I save each year and buy carbon offsets at Whole Foods! Isn't that how "Big Business" works?

Why not me?

Why not you?

All of this is said in jest, but mark my words, if somebody isn't already designing a steam car, they will. And it will be powered by coal. Damn the lung cancer!

Want to learn more about why energy independence is far down the figurative road? Read Physics for Future Presidents.

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