Friday, October 20, 2006

Ads accuse Dems of not protecting kids - Yahoo! News

You had to know that this was going to happen...Republicans getting out the ads before the Democrats, beating them to the punch yet again.

And it's really juicy because the ads accuse the Democrats of that very thing that the Republicans are clearly guilty of: Not protecting children.

After all, it's the Repubs that let Mark Foley loose for years; rather than deal with the problem, they turned their heads.

Now that the Dems opened up a can of worms for the Repubs, you'd think the Dems would have the upper hand.

Of course, they don't. They didn't act, yet again, and have failed to capitalize on this serious breach of the public confidence.

Poor, poor Democrats. They need some scum-sucking pig producers to publicize the putrid behavior exibited by the Republicans. But they'll never learn.

Take a look at the Election projections above. The Dems are clearly going to win the House. But are they? What will happen (i.e., what negative ads will appear?) in the next 2-3 weeks that turns the tide for the Republicans against the Democrats?

Time will tell. But I bet the Dems blow it again. I am telling myself this so that my mind can prepare for another letdown.

And this will be a big letdown because there's NO WAY that the Dems should lose.

But they will.