Monday, October 02, 2006

Bush pushes through new anti-terrorism law

It's a scary time in the USA. It is becoming more dictatorial all the time. The most recently-passed "anti-terrorism" bill confirms this. Anybody can be construed as an enemy combatant, thereby leaving it to the President of the United States to make that determination.

No trial, no evidence, no witnesses, just perhaps a blog posting like this one can get you (i.e., ME!) in a heap of trouble, and there's no guarantee that knowing a bunch of judges or lawyers or having an air-tight case can keep you out of Gitmo.

It's time to really start thinking about alternative living arrangements, perhaps New Zealand or Canada...not that I want to leave my house, the place I was born, the place up until very recently I was proud to call home.

For a better-worded article about this same topic, click here to get to William Rivers Pitt's eloquent piece.