Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Molly Ivins on the torture bill

Talk about hitting the nail on the head! Molly hits a homerun with her latest journalistic endeavor in her article about the torture bill. There are many great nuggets to be found in the piece, but here are a few of the really illuminating ones:
In July 2003, George Bush said in a speech: "The United States is committed to worldwide elimination of torture, and we are leading this fight by example. Freedom from torture is an inalienable human right. Yet torture continues to be practiced around the world by rogue regimes, whose cruel methods match their determination to crush the human spirit."

Leading by example. That's rich.
I'd like those supporting this evil bill to spare me one affliction: Do not, please, pretend to be shocked by the consequences of this legislation. And do not pretend to be shocked when the world begins comparing us to the Nazis.

Nazis. Need I say more?