Monday, October 02, 2006

GOP tainted with pedophiles, hypocrits, money grabbers, and partisan protectionists

I don't know where to start. I think it might take me 10,000 words to make a small dent in the total corruption exhibited by the majority in Congress (in case you live under a rock, or in a cave, that means Republican).

From money laundering to preferential treatment of lobbyists to bribes to backroom deal-making to pedophilia and its cover ups, this Congress has been befallen by incompetent leadership. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, must go. Vamoose. Leave the building. He's a disgrace. He was a disgrace before the latest outbreak of Republican shenanigans, but this solidifies his fate.

Make no mistake, he probably will not resign, nor will he be faced with a public dismissal. He most likely will stay. I hope to heavens that he is dismissed when the Democrats take control of the House. I just don't have a lot of faith in a) the Democrats' ability to form effective campaigns for contested seats and b) the American voting public's sensibility about the gravity of what is taking place here. How can I? Slightly more than half the country believed that Bush was better than John Kerry to lead our country in the last election. Up until very recently, most people thought that Bush was fighting the good fight against terrorists. And it's okay to spy on me because "I'm not doing anything wrong."

I just don't have any faith in my fellow Americans. If you voted for Bush in 2004, you are on my list of people I'd most like to expel to Syria. If you voted for DeLay, Hastert, Foley, Doolittle, Pombo, or a host of other Republican scoundrels, please take the next CIA plane to Gitmo. You are not an American.

America was founded based upon the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our founders fled England because of the absence of those ideals. The constitution is supposedly a document of principles that are self-evident.

Well, nothing is self-evident any more. I thought that we, as American citizens, had the right to participate in peaceful protests, to voice our disagreement with our elected leaders, to have the ability to fire our elected leaders by not voting for them again. But I think I've got it all wrong.

America is not about these things any more. It's all about defeating "radical Islam" and "terrorists," winning the "War on Terror," beating back regimes that don't subscribe to our ways ("You're either with us or against us"), taking pre-emptive military action against supposed threats, and imprisoning people based on "guilt by association."

And, if you're in power, you can feed at the public trough, proposition little boys, and get sweet golfing vacations in Scotland.

This country is screwed. And it's forever totally screwed if it doesn't get off its collective ass, vote for the right people, and stand up to this repressive, totalitarian political machine called the GOP. I am about up to here (standing with hand far above forehead) with the bullshit of the stupid, unethical cheats running this country (into the ground).